Japanese Language Class in Special Program for Systems Innovation
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General Information
The Department of Systems Innovation offers Japanese language class to overseas students and researchers who are assigned to Department of Systems Innovation and Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, and their spouses.

This Japanese Language Class aims to develop students’ all round communication skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) of Japanese at the Beginners-Upper-Intermediate level, to enable students to familiarize themselves with study and enhance their life in Japan.

For this purpose, the class encourages mutual communication among students, it also introduces the social and cultural circumstances of Japan to students through learning Japanese language.

Three levels of Japanese language courses are offered:

  Beginners Course (Intensive, September - March)

  Intermediate Course I (Intensive, April - July)

  Intermediate Course II (September - March)

  Intermediate Course III (April - July)

The certificate of completion of each course will be issued, provided a student has satisfied the requirements for Completion. You can also earn credits with class registration in UTAS.